MBA - Project Management

Project Management: Project Management involves planning, monitoring, designing and executing different processes of a project at different levels. These processes are conducted in a structured manner that enables the Project Manager to maintain the deadline along with the quality of the deliverables. A Project Management function requires patience and knowledge about the domain to make sure that all the functions are executed properly.

Course Structure

Year I
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behaviour & Management Process
  • Computer Application in Management
  • Business Environment
  • Research Methodology & Quantitative Techniques
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Science
  • Marketing Management
  • Production & Operation Management
  • International Business


Year II
  • Management Information System
  • Strategic Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Formulation & Appraisal
  • Project Planning & Execution
  • Project Control System
  • Project Sport System
  • Project Risk Management 
  • Project Management Software
  • Small Business Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Project Work



Eligibility Duration
Graduation 2  Years



Course Fees Indian Students ( Rs.INR)
Fees Options
Inst-I Inst-II Inst-III Total Fees
Lumpsum Rs. 75,000 - - Rs.75,000
Installment Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30,000 
1 Month
2 Month
Note :- Exam Fee of Rs. 5,000 is applicable .

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